Radon and My Pets

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by high radon levels.

Radon and My Pets

Not only is radon dangerous to you and your family, but it can also affect the health of your pets. Pets are more sensitive to radon exposure for a number of reasons:

  1. On average, pets spend 90-95% of their time living indoors, and indoor pets such as cats may spend all of their time inside. This makes your pets’ health more dependent on the air quality inside your home.
  2. Our pets’ lungs are smaller and more susceptible to becoming damaged and developing lung cancer.
  3. Pets spend most of their time close to the ground where radon levels are the strongest, as radon enters through the soil beneath the home and escapes through the roof.

The combination of these three factors make your pets susceptible to high levels of radon. Fortunately there are solutions to reduce the risk. First, get your home tested. If high levels of radon are present, get a professional to install an ASD mitigation system. Finally, Radon Doctors guarantees to lower the radon levels in your home below the Health Canada guideline for at least 5 years, and perform follow-up testing after mitigation is complete to guarantee your home remains safe from radon.