Long Term Radon Test Kit for Radon in Air – Alpha Track AT100


This dosimeter is used to record an average radon level over a 3 to 12 month period, as suggested by Health Canada. The AT-100 was rated as the most accurate dosimeter by leading national consumer advocacy group.


This kit includes a single device, instructions and laboratory analysis. The device must be exposed for 91 days to 12 months under normal living conditions. Once your test period ends, you’ll mail the kit back to us for laboratory testing (pre-paid envelope and address included).

The AccuStar AT-100 is an C-NRPP approved radon measurement device, listed under the device code # 8205 Class 24 AT REM AT-100 Alpha Track Detector.

NOTE: AccuStar Canada is not responsible for late or lost shipments to the laboratory by the courier.

The retail box is not included.