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How to Use a Radon Test

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How to Use a Radon Test

Using a radon test is simple. The test should be placed on the lowest floor of your house that is regularly used. The test should be placed in your standard breathing zone (80cm above the floor & 50 cm below the ceiling). Keep the test away from high traffic areas, hallways, doorways, HVAC vents, exterior walls, areas with high direct sunlight and high humidity rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. You can either place the test on a flat surface or hang it from the ceiling, just be sure to place it out of reach of pets and small children to avoid tampering. Leave the test in the determined location for at least 91 days, seal the test, mail the test to the lab and wait for results.

As airflow can affect the levels of radon within a house, it is suggested (however not required) to conduct testing during the winter months to give the best reading of the radon levels when your windows are closed and your house is at an equilibrium.

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