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Can I manage Radon myself?

Radon is best handled by specialists, but DIY possibilities exist too.

Can I manage Radon myself?

Health Canada recommends finding a C-NRPP certified mitigation company, such as Radon Doctors, to install a radon mitigation system. However, it is not mandatory to have a professional install this system, and home owners may choose to attempt the installation themselves.

One of the advantages of booking radon mitigation through a professional is not only that they can fully ensure that the installation is performed correctly, but also the radon-free guarantee and follow-up testing offered at Kingston Radon ensures that your home remains safe.

However, if you are interested in purchasing an Active Soil Depressurization System for self-installation, you can do so by visiting our order page (click on the button below). Please note, if our trained technicians are not installing the system in your home, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of your DIY setup.