Radon is the #2 cause of Lung Cancer in Canada.

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From your first radon test to mitigation and follow-ups, we’ll walk you through every step to a radon-free home.

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Our radon technicians are trained, certified, and highly experienced in radon mitigation.

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We aim to provide the highest quality of customer service and craftsmanship, along with a five-year guarantee on our mitigation work.

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Radon Mitigation Services Throughout Canada

We’re your local one-stop shop for dealing with Radon, from testing your home for the first time to installing your radon mitigation solution. We’ve grown from a small Kingston company into a national provider, based on our high standard of safety, craftsmanship, and excellent customer service.

Whether you’d like us to handle your testing, mitigation and follow-up, or are looking to do the testing and installation yourself, reach out to us today to see how we can help you make your home a safer place.

Radon Mitigation & Testing

The best way to avoid radon-induced lung cancer is to get your home tested today. You can purchase a test kit online, or our local team can test your home in person. Learn more about our services here.

Radon Testing

We test both with a 90-day chemical test as well as a 3-day digital test to give you reliable insight into how much radon is in your home.

Radon Quotes

After surveying your basement and foundation, we’ll provide you with a quote for our custom mitigation solution for you to approve.

Radon Mitigation

To prevent radon from building up in your home, we install a specialized device to channel the radon out and away from your home.

Radon Removal

Our services come with a five-year guarantee, and we’ll follow up with you after mitigation to make sure your home remains safe.

Why Should You Care About Radon?

Radon causes more lung cancer deaths in Canada every year than asbestos and secondhand smoke combined. It’s a natural gas created by the breakdown of uranium in the soil, and unfortunately for homeowners, it’s odorless and invisible. The only way to know if radon is seeping into your basement is to get your home tested.


We Ship Radon Tests and DIY Kits Anywhere in Canada. We Also Provide Local Service In These Cities: